Ecological and CE approved multi-purpose construction panel, suitable for interior and exterior cladding.

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    Megapan is a multipurpose ecological construction panel made entirely of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride with a natural binding compound and a glass fiber mesh placed under the surfaces. It is incombustible (Euroclass A1), flame resistant over 1200° C and is impermeable to water and vapour-permeable.

    Easy to work, Megapan allows the application of screws and nails, and the low weight related to the solidity of its structure make it particularly suitable for environments that require high performance with the use of a single material, respecting the strict rules on health and safety.

    Megapan is ideal for the construction of interior and exterior walls and is suitable for the construction of fire barriers, fire doors, floating floors, subfloors, billboards, flues, decorative panels and composite panels in general.

    The sale of the product is subject to the geographical areas of expertise.

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