Solid Surfaces

Solid Surfaces

Solid sheet mineral material consisting of mineral fillers, styrene-free and bound with acrylic. Available in over 140 colors.

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    The mineral material STARON® has been used for more than twenty years in ambitious indoor and outdoor furniture design projects. Through cooperation with highly qualified architects, designers and processors, new areas of application, new experiences and new insights are constantly emerging worldwide.

    Thanks to its unique properties, STARON® is chosen by many professionals who are looking for a durable, versatile and aesthetically appealing material.

    In order to meet the worldwide demand – with its different regional requirements in terms of design, color harmony and areas of application – the North Korean multinational company LOTTE Advanced Materials (formerly SAMSUNG Chemical) produces STARON® sheets in more than 140 different colors.

    The numerous innovative installations of this material are the result of high-quality industrial production and creative design combined with high quality craftsmanship.

    The sale of the product is subject to the relevant geographical areas.

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